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Frequently asked questions

Yes. There is no participation fee whatsoever. All you need to do is register and make sure you have all the software installed.

This is an individual competition. Tasks are carefully weighted so that they can be solved without the need of additional help from other persons.

You will need the next software:

  • Virtual Robotics Toolkit, which is the simulator for the challenges;
  • LEGO EV3 software, or any other software that runs with Virtual Robotics Simulator;
  • LEGO Digital Designer, or any other software where you can build the robot and save it in compatible file for Virtual Robotics Toolkit;
  • OBS Studio, or any other recording software to record your screen when your robots does the challenge.

All the software named above are FREE, except Virtual Robotics Simulator, which has a trial version.

No. If you do not have a paid subscription already, our partners from Cogmation Robotics will help all participants with a valid license. So, all the registered users before the first stage of the competition will get a 3 months license for FREE, a couple of days before the start of the first stage. The license will be received though email.

If you join later the competition you may use your own VRT license or the trial version. But you can still participate for FREE, with no other fees.

We offer help in the Tutorials section, by having step by step guides over various situations, from installing the needed software to running the simulation in Virtual Robotics Toolkit. 

You can register for the competition by accessing the registration form, available throughout the website.

Click any button which asks you to join it.

Firstly, you should check your Spam folder in your mailbox. Sometimes, the activation email gets there because of different email settings the providers have.

The activation email should get in your mailing box in couple of minutes.

If you cannot find any activation emails anywhere in your mailbox, please write to us in the contact form below.

By registering, you have automatically enrolled to all 4 stages of the championship.

Every stage will take place in a period of time. You must submit your solutions during that period of time. Between stages, you should read the updates in the News section.

No. You can compete in any stage you like, but only the 20 best cumulated scores after the 4 stages will be eligible to participate in the Grand Final.

So, it is up to you in how many stages you will participate. But bear in mind: the more compete, the more points you earn and the more chances you get to become one of the finalists.

Consider a stage a separate challenge. Your goal is to solve as many objectives of the challenge and gain as many points as possible.

Every challenge is designed to be mainly fun and educative. So, it will be similar to other robotics competitions, but maybe on a lower tone of competitiveness.

During a stage, you will submit your score using a provided form. You will submit score and/or time (it depends on the challenge) and a YouTube link of the video you have prior recorded on your computer.

Even though the stage scoreboard will update, judges will verify your submission.

Judges will interfere only if they find something out of the usual. They will start a discussion with you, using the platforms’ messaging system.

If the judges find your solution to break any rule, your submission will be invalidated, deleted  and logged under the scoreboard, for everybody to understand the change and the reason for it.

The participant’s score will revert to a prior one (if any).

Because everything that you work is on your computer, it would be hard for us to see what you are doing. Therefore, we just need your recorded solution for the challenge. You may use OBS Studio, or any other software for screen recording.

After you recorded it, you will have to upload the video to your own YouTube channel. If you do not have one, you can create it for free. When you will upload the video, you should select the option “Unlisted“, so that your video cannot be found in any search on YouTube.

Yes, but only if you have actively participated.

All active participants will be given a participation certificate, for each stage.

An active participant is one who submitted a relevant video.

A relevant video means that it must show a robot which tries to complete the mission. It does not necessarily mean it has to score points.

You win a stage by gaining the best score.

Points are awarded by finishing various objectives and bonus points will be given for the fastest runs.

Still, you must keep in mind, a stage is just a step in the road to the Grand Final. So, even if you do not win one stage, but do well in other stages the cumulative score from all them will increase your chances to get in the Grand Final.

There will be a stage leaderboard and a championship leaderboard

Each stage will allow you to gain points based on the challenge of the stage. These points will generate the stage leaderboard and the stage winner.

The championship leaderboard will add all the points from all the stages. This is the cumulative score.

When all 4 stages are done, the best 35 scores in the championship leaderboard will be invited to participate in the Grand Final. In case of ties, all the participants who have the score of the last qualified participant will also qualify.

The Grand Final is a special stage, which will be available only to the best 35 participants in the championship leaderboard (the best cumulative scores). So, not everyone who participate up until it will be eligible for participation.

The challenge will be more entertaining and also more complex. It will also end the story of the whole 2020-2021 season.

Yes. All active participants will be given a participation certificate, for each stage. An active participant is one who submitted a relevant video. A relevant video means that it must show a robot which tries to complete the mission. It does not necessarily mean it has to score points.

Additional, Grand Final winners will receive small rewards and honorific IRC titles. Winning the Grand Final means you will earn the IRC title, “Champion of Robotics“. Also, the first two runner-ups will be each considered “Great Engineer of Robotics“. 

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