Partnership across the World

IRC Cooperation

The International Robotics Championship is a competition which resulted from a four members partnership between robotics private schools from Bahrain, Philippines, Romania and Russia. 

The main goal is to create a suitable environment for all students who wish to learn robotics and prove their skills of designing robots, programming them to solve various tasks.

Because of the current pandemic situation, the whole championship is hosted exclusively online. Yet, our thoughts is to create offline, physical competitions into the future, and create a proper exchange program between the involved schools.

Meet the founding members

Have a look and see the persons behind this endeavour (alphabetically ordered).

Bahrain, isa town

Saleh Al Shehabi

He is the founder of the robotics program, running in Bahrain Bayan School. He started it in 2014 and allowed him to recruit students and help them gain the ability of problem solving as well as critical skills. 

As a result of the robotics program, the Bahrain Bayan School was able to be part of National and International Olympiads. Hence, the robotics initiative was adapted by the school as many grades are exposed to classes in which they are able to learn how to work with and build robotics.

Regarding Bahrain Bayan School, this is a private non-benefit, co-instructive, bilingual school (Arabic and English), giving American and Arabic Curriculum projects to understudies from Kindergarten through Grade 12. 

BBS has gotten different honors and accomplishments consistently and has been evaluated as ‘Remarkable’ in all classes by the QQA. Notwithstanding the Middle States Association, International Baccalaureate Program and THIMUN accreditations, BBS is all around differentiated, utilizing multi-social Faculty and Staff.

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Maria Ailene Viacrusis

She pioneered Robotics education in Olongapo City, Philippines way back in 2009 after a visit to Legoland Malaysia. She holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Masters in Business Administration Program. She holds position in several organizations and has been a judge in local and international Robotics competition.

Behind the businesswoman persona, her real passion is to introduce and promote STEM Robotics education in her city and in the region eventually. This passion pushed her to establish in 2009 the very first Robotics school in Olongapo City. Currently, she is the Directress of A+ Solutions Development Center Corporation.

Every year, A+ Solutions together with the local government and the Department of Education division organizes the Olongapo City Robotics Cup to showcase the talent of Filipino students in building and programming robots. It gives support to local schools when participating in the Philippine Robotics Olympiad and World Robotics Olympiad. As part of its advocacy, the organization also emphasizes the importance of providing equal opportunities to everyone by reaching out to out-of-school youth through partnerships with other companies through Alternative Learner System Robotics Program.

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Romania, Bucharest

Mihai Alexandru Tuțu

He is one of the founders of the private robotics school called Nerdvana, back in Romania. He started it in 2017 as a hobby, trying to help students improve their skills regarding programming robots.

After one year, he dedicated himself to teach computer science to students of all ages and to improve building skills and competition abilities to those who wanted to achieve more. Having a technical background and other teaching experience, he quickly built elite teams who participated in every international invitational WRO had, since 2018. 

Regarding Nerdvana, it started as a robotics school and became a private educational center, which offers classes of mathematics, computer programming, web development and design and, of course, robotics. As of 2020, it stands proud to have elite groups of students, who achieved great results in national computer programming and robotics competitions.

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Pavel Tomshin

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Russia, Ekaterinburg

Pavel Tomshin

He is the founder of private educational center called Robit Robotics Center in Russia. Started out of passion for teaching and robotics, he is been participating in WRO Finals since 2013, where he coached the Russian National teams. His best result is winning the champions title of WRO FIT 2018 Philippines.

Wanting to help others improve their skills, he designed the online course “Sport robotics”, and created international hackathons for WRO tasks in UAE, Greece and Turkey.


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